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Tribe Adventures is not your typical adventure experience. From conquering fears to finding solace in the stillness of a breathtaking sunrise, every moment is an invitation to embrace the unknown and discover the true extent of your capabilities.

At Tribe we believe that the bonds forged through shared experiences are the strongest of all. That’s why our trips are designed to foster connections that last a lifetime. Whether you’re sharing stories around a campfire under the stars or cheering each other on as you reach the summit of a mountain peak, you’ll find a sisterhood of like minded women who share a passion for adventure and your determination to live life to the fullest.

Meet Kate

I’m Kate. I’m a London-based Aussie mother of three. I’m also a fitness trainer, nutritionist, triathlete, iron(wo)man and ultra marathon runner who has a never ending desire to seek adventure.

I know from personal experience the transformational impact that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a location far from your everyday life can have on you and those around you.

That’s why Tribe was born. A true passion to create and share experiences that inspire others to feel the same way; taking people to places that allow them to discover a version of themselves that’s braver and bolder than they ever imagined; and sharing it all with a group of strong women who have adventurous souls and are up for trying something new.

I can’t wait to share an epic Tribe Adventure with you!
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